G-Core, Experts in Geothermal Heating and Cooling & Ground Source Heating System Designers, installers and consultants

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G-Core, Experts in Geothermal Heating and Cooling & Ground Source Heating System Designers, installers and consultants

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experts in geothermal heating and cooling

G-Core Limited is a specialist geothermal and heat pump system designer, installer and commissioner.  We have designed and installed some of the largest and most innovative 'UK First' systems in the UK providing ground source heating and cooling systems from 5kW up to 1MW capacity. 

The technology has been applied successfully in both domestic and industrial/commercial applications, including rural and farming sectors as well universities, schools, rail and infrastructure projects.

Our objective to provide heating and cooling systems with long-term high performance in order to reduce end client operating and maintenance costs whilst maximising client revenue under the Government run Renewable Heat Incentive scheme.

This is not new technology to us and we have not recently jumped on the 'renewables band-wagon'.  We have been operating in this sector since 1997 and have over 80 years of combined industry experience in the business stretching back to the early 1980's. 

We are Ground Source Heat Pump Association members and play a strong role in the development and direction of the industry.

  • G-Core are a geo-engineering business who's primary work is the planning, feasibility, design, installation, commissioning and optimisation of ground and air source heating and cooling system, together with true geothermal system.

  • We provide standalone project consultancy and management as well as full design, installation and commissioning for commercial and domestic projects.

  • We also offer additional services including annual service and maintenance, Renewable Heat Incentive advice and applications, web based data monitoring, logging and analysis, expert witness, fault finding and remedial services and training in ground source system design and installation

  • Based in Cambridge, we operate throughout the UK.

  • Core values: professional, innovative, safety, value, responsible

  • Innovation - not for the sake of it, but for true efficiency gains and energy savings


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